Lo light fire – composed in Katowice, recorder in Tarnow. Initially as an instrumental song only later lyrics were written. One of those songs where guitar parts fell into place in perfect harmony. At that time I was missing a song that would sum-up my musical style in one composition. And with every step I added another layer to it, It really evolved to a song.

Wishful Thinking – The names comes from the fact that all the guitar parts were recorded in around 15 minutes which took place in London. I wish that more often it just happens. mixing them and getting the right balance of all instruments was a different story. Initially with drum machine it took me the longest to mix it right. First Oscar helped with congas and some percussion instruments, then the drum machine was scraped for real drums in studio Centrum in Krakow played by Aleksandra Dyba. And the choice was right in every respect. Initially as instrumental song, until a producer/studio owner change my mind during bass recording session.

Poplar – recorded in London, lyrics influenced by my time spent there.

In my head – Recorded In Tarnow with lyrics written in Montreal. Initially the last verse was different but I wasn’t happy with it, then on my visit to Vienna I saw this quote  in the apartment where I was staying. I like it immediately and incorporated into this song. Personally I see this composition more as a play in a theater, a story line rather than a typical song.

400 years – This song was compose under influence of two of my friends that I visited the same day in Krakow. One is a music composer/producer of a TRAP music style which incorporates heavy electronica with deep bass, the other is an intellectual with a bleak view of our race future…

In private – The oldest song from an era when I was composing Electroacoustics in Montreal. This track is a mixture of guitars and electronica with Frederique Lapoint vocal and sounds from her cello as samples.

Prozac – I like the sound of the name and for me personally music is like a Prozac for our soul. Initially written as instrumental song, one day I was sitting in the studio with Greg Toma and his friend listing to it for mix and they persuaded me to write lyrics to it. So I did and it changed completely the outcome.

I want to know – This song started it all. I found my style and sound while recording it. Then I wanted to make it onto a record.

Somebody – recorder without any stomp box which was a key to make the sound  flowing from verse to chorus using the unique tube distortion and playing technique. Lyrics influenced by some of bad experience that I had at that time.

Lady Flower – composed in Katowice, it took over 8 months to record the two leading guitar parts. They had to be in perfect timing right feel and sound for this to work. I have deleted around 400 different takes during recording process which took place in Tarnow. More flavor to it were added by Oscar on Congas, Anna on Violin and  Agata on vocal. It all came together with these unique individuals.

Home – a composition that should not been on this record, but made it only because  I had to scrap one of the songs. Compose specifically for my first ever live performance.