Very much inspired by live music I wanted to play and perform for the audience,
This has materialized when I have moved to Montreal, Canada
At the beginning I was playing in rental music studios in Montreal,
 and recording demo tapes with various people.

In 2003 I began to study Electroacoustics at Concordia University in Montreal.
The knowledge that I acquired helped me to interpret sound in a unique way.
 I have played and collaborated with other artists and sound designers. 
One of that collaboration came with a success –  composition “out of focus” chosen as top ten
 electroacoustic piece in Canada in 2004

In 2007 I moved to London where I came back to play music in an old fashion way. 
I started to make new songs in many places that I have lived there.

In 2011 I moved to Poland where I have decided to release my first record.
 More songs were composed in my studio and other facilities.
 A lot of help during the production process came from Studio Centrum in Krakow where some recordings and mixing took place.

In 2016 Lo light fire CD has been released, right after that I have decided to come back to Montreal

Now looking for new inspirations and ways to make my music available to the audience.

Collaboration with other artists is a key factor and always a very 
important aspect in my creation.

Stay tuned for more info